I was e v o l v i n g.

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fear is a    s u p e r p o w e r

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XIII. Saying Your Names

All night I stretched my arms across him, rivers of blood, the dark woods, singing with all my skin and bone. Please keep him safe. Let him lay his head on my chest and we will be like sailors, swimming in the sound of it, dashed to pieces. Makes a cathedral, him pressing against
me, his lips at my neck, and yes, I do believe his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me like stars. - Richard Siken

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(◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿) 

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Being an introvert AND having resting bitch face is not a good combination.

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Am I a good dalek?
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For my family!

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After drawing this, the mythology!AU idea wouldn’t go away and I wasn’t totally happy with the piece, so here is a reworked version, with bonus Stiles.

In my head the premise goes something like: Fenrisúlfr seeks a suitable avatar to free him from his age-old fetters and help bring about Ragnarok, and Derek’s epic werewolf angst makes him a nice target. Meanwhile, Stiles attracts the attention of the faerie Queen of the Summer Court, who is taken with the boy’s spark, kidnaps him and promises to teach him magic. And then there are lots of shenanigans and epically mythological Sterek sexytimes. BAM.

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Song: Main Theme
Artist: Karel Svoboda
Album: Three Wishes for Cinderella
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Penguin Falling Asleep